What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood planning was introduced in the Localism Act 2011. It is an important and powerful tool that gives communities statutory powers to shape how their communities develop.

In very simple terms, a neighbourhood plan is:

  • a document that sets out planning policies for the neighbourhood area – planning policies are used to decide whether to approve planning applications
  • written by the local community, the people who know and love the area, rather than the Local Planning Authority
  • a powerful tool to ensure the community gets the right types of development, in the right place

There are some key steps to developing a neighbourhood plan:

  1. Decide the neighbourhood area
  2. Elect a representative committee to lead the project
  3. Figure out what you want for your community and write a draft plan
  4. Collect evidence to support your plan
  5. Present the plan to the community and allow them to comment on the plan
  6. Submit your plan for formal review

Taken from neighbourhoodplanning.org

Consultation Statement

This is an important part of the development of our neighbourhood plan. It is consists of:

  • a historical record of events, such as meetings and consultations
  • a collection of evidence which validates the feasibility of the plan
  • a record of all comments and responses received regarding the plan

You can read about the status of our neighbourhood plan on the Status Page.

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