Plan status

This page will be updated regularly during the development of the neighbourhood plan. The Events calendar is also useful for tracking the progress of the plan.

The development of the plan will follow this series of tasks:



Create draft plan

This is the first draft of the neighbourhood plan document.

After the call to sites has ended, the draft can be published.

✅Write the draft plan
✅Publish the draft plan

Call for sites

This to allow any landowners who may wish to develop land during the lifetime of the plan to state their intentions to do so, so that they can be included in the plan. This is open for three weeks.

Published on the Bridge Village website (link). Major landowners were also contacted directly.


Draft consultations

Two public consultations are scheduled to take place to present, discuss and get feedback on the the draft plan.

✅Consultation 1
✅Consultation 2

Site evidencing

Any sites included for development in the plan must be assessed to ascertain that such a development is indeed viable. Things includes areas such as accessibility, drainage, environmental impact, and consideration of other sites.

Follows the call for sites.

✅ Started
✅ Completed

Regulation 14 public consultation

After site evidencing has taken place the plan is updated and again published to the community for review and commenting. This is open for six weeks.

Follows completion of the site evidencing and updating of the draft plan.

✅ Started
✅ Completed

Comment review

All comments made on the plan must be validated and responded to. Some comments may be instilled into the plan, others may not. Comments are recorded in the Consultation Statement.

Takes place during the public consultation and until all comments are reviewed.

✅ Started
✅ Completed

Final review

The plan is finalised for submission to the local authority.

Follows the comment review.

✅ Started
✅ Completed

Regulation 16 consultation

After submission the local authority shall publicise the plan and arrange for independent examination. This will consider whether the neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and other legal requirements.

Takes place after the final review and then submission.

✅ Started
✅ Completed
✅ Independent examination started
✅ Independent examination completed


If successful at the examination stage, with modifications if necessary, then the next stage is for the Local Authority to decide if the Plan will go to referendum, issuing a Decision Notice. If the Local Authority decides the Plan will go to referendum it is the Local Authority that organises and runs the referendum. If there is a majority yes vote, then the neighbourhood plan is made and becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area

Follows a successful regulation 16 consultation.

◻️ Decision notice issued
◻️ Started
◻️ Completed